1. Dental Bleaching / Teeth Whitening
Dental Bleaching / Teeth Whitening is a procedure that can be performed in the Dental Clinic or at home. Years of staining with tea, coffee, and red wine etc can be removed in a matter of an hour revealing truly white teeth that enhances the perfection of a smile. Two methods are available to get those perfectly white teeth.

In office teeth whitening / In office teeth bleaching: A one hour procedure in a dental office is the quickest and most predictable method.

Home bleach: A longer procedure that can be done at home using over the counter teeth bleaching products and products dispensed by the dentist.

2. laminates/veneers
Cosmetic Dentistry is the art of perfecting, or creating attractive beautiful smiles. Once the hallmark of the stars, the rich, and the famous, this technology is now easily accessible to each one of us.

Smile design is a quick efficient and extremely effective treatment modality to improve your smile. The shape, size, position and colour of teeth can be changed using Dental Laminates to give you that wow look! So book your appointment now for an evaluation.

What are laminates/veneers?
Veneers or dental laminates are wafer-thin shells of ceramic that are glued onto the front side of teeth so as to cosmetically improve their appearance.

When are veneers required?
Veneers can be routinely used to:
  • Make cosmetic changes to teeth that are discolored.
  • Repair worn out or chipped teeth.
  • Correct malaligned or crooked teeth.
  • To close diastemas (gaps between teeth).
  • Lengthen and reshape teeth.
  • Correct misshapen teeth.
  • Make color changes for teeth that have permanent stains.
  • To cover and conceal fillings that have become stained or discolored.
  • In some cases porcelain veneers can be used as an alternative to orthodontic treatment.
Procedure: This is a two step procedure:

Step I: A small amount of tooth structure is removed and impressions are made to be sent to the lab. Temporary laminates will be placed.
Step II: The laminates are tried in and after approval are bonded onto the teeth. Each appointment usually lasts for upto 2 hours.

Advantages and Benefits of Veneers

Only a small amount of tooth structure is removed during the procedure, making it a conservative treatment option.
A healthy “natural” look is achieved with little or no discomfort

What should you do to take good care of your porcelain veneers?
Practice good oral home care.
Your veneered tooth should be brushed and flossed thoroughly on a daily basis.
Avoid exposing your porcelain veneers to excessive forces e.g.: biting on hair pins, bottles, ice, or any other hard items because doing so can break or dislodge a veneer.
Avoid clenching and grinding your teeth.
Wear a protective night guard.


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